The Details of All Lines
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No. 1 line is a key traffic line in south-north direction, from Yanqiao in the north and to Xuelang in the south, with a total length of 30.73 km and 25 stations. The line connects the city center with main areas in the south and north, goes through the vital transportation and business development axis and links Huishan District administrative center, Wuxi Railway Station, CBD district of Sanyang Square, and Taihui New City-Wuxi new administrative center. Before March of 2009, stations including Shenglimen Square Station, Sanyang Square Station and Shimin Square Station will be built and before September of 2009, the whole line will be constructed and predicted to be put into operation in 2014. No.1 line will meet a great amount of traffic demands in south-north direction, release current traffic problems, assist main urban function construction and contribute to realization of south expansion-the recent main development target.

No. 2 line is a vital traffic line in the east-west direction, from Plum Garden in the west and Anzhen Town in the east, with a length of 25.38 km and 20 stations. The investment is estimated to be RMB 10.494 billion. The line connects city center with western areas and Xidong New City and links the Binhu District administrative center, Xishan District administrative center and Wuxi station of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. It can be transferred to No. 1 line in Sanyang Square Station. No. 2 line will be constructed in 2011 and predicted to be opened to traffic in 2015. It bears the traffic in east-west direction such as city center, New District, Lihu New City and external transportation hubs, helping for further improvement of city center’s functions.


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