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Wuxi No. 4 People’s Hospital
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Established in 1976 and serving as a public institution, Wuxi No. 4 People’s Hospital is a modern Grade three Level A hospital combing medical service, teaching and research as a whole. It is also named as No. 4 Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University, No. 4 College of Clinic Medicine to Medical Department of Suzhou University and the teaching base of Nanjing Medical University and Jiangnan University, while at the same time the hospital runs master’s program for Suzhou University, Shandong University and Xuzhou Medical College. Besides, many medical research institutions are settled down here such as Institute of Clinical Oncology and Molecular Biology under College of Life Sciences of Suzhou University, Wuxi Municipal Institute of Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Wuxi Municipal Cardiothoracic Surgery Treatment Center. 

Wuxi No. 4 People’s Hospital has 887 beds and 24 wards, and it employs more than thousands of medical professionals with high degree and rich treatment experience. More importantly, it has 48 medical and clinic divisions, including medicine division, surgery division, gynecology division, pediatrics division, ophthalmology division, otolaryngology division, stomatology division, anesthesia division, oncology division, pathology division, imaging division and inspection division, etc. Among them, three divisions are among provincial key clinic divisions, another three divisions are among municipal key clinic divisions while two are among key divisions issued by Municipal Hospital Management Center.  

Currently, Wuxi No. 4 People’s Hospital is equipped with advanced diagnosis instruments such as CT, MRT, DSA, ECT, LA, CDFI and massive biochemical analyzer. Besides, the hospital also carried out scientific and research programs at provincial and municipal level, issued and published professional medical journals and theses.

Add: No. 200 Huihe Road, Wuxi City

Tel: 0510-88682999

Bus: No.2. 10, 27, 56, 71, 87, 95, 98



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