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Wuxi Institute of Technology
Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT), located near the beautiful Lake Taihu and founded in March of 1959, is an independent and full-time public higher technical institute. WXIT is on the march of upgrading the internationalization of vocational education to the next level. After WXIT became the first affiliate member of the American Association Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) in 2004, it has cooperated with 6 college members. Meanwhile, it has developed exchanges and cooperation with its counterparts in more than 10 countries and areas including America, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore and Canada.
Add: No. 1600 West Gaolang Road, UniversityTown, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-85916000

Wuxi Institute of Commerce
Wuxi Institute of Commerce, formerly known as the Jiangsu Wuxi Commercial School, was established in 1965. It is oriented toward educating highly-qualified/high-quality graduates with expertise for the modern service industry. The Institute has been successively honored with titles of “Model Unit in Jiangsu Province”, “Model Unit of Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province”, “Model Unit for Students Employment in Jiangsu Province”, and “Model School in Jiangsu Province”.
Add: No. 809 Qianhu Road, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-83270530

Jiangsu College of Information Technology
Jiangsu College of Information Technology (JSIT), founded in August 2002, is a common higher college approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and filed in the Ministry of Education of the P.R.C. It was formerly known as the Wuxi Radio Industry School, a national key technical secondary school established in 1953, and Wuxi Xishan Vocational Center, a national vocational center built in 1997. JSIT strives for cultivating applied talents oriented to the frontline of production, construction, service and management and with innovative and pioneering spirit.
Add: No. 1 Qianou Road, Outang Vocational Education Campus, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-85811518

Wuxi Institute of Arts & Technology
Wuxi Institute of Arts & Technology (WIAT), located in Yixing, known as a Hometown of Professors and the Capital of Pottery, is a nationally accredited full-time institute and functions directly under the Education Department of Jiangsu Province.
It dates back to 1958 when Capital of Pottery Industry University was established, with 50 years’ history. Ceramic Art Design, Ceramic Technique and Optometry Technology are distinctive majors among all the provincial higher vocational institutes. WIAT recruits students from all over China and it attaches great importance to cultivate applied, skillful, compound professional talents.
Add: No. 99 South Jingyi Road, YixingCity, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-81710008

Jiangyin PolytechnicCollege
The powerful industrial cluster in Jiangyin has created JiangyinPolytechnicCollege – the only public common higher college in the city. Focusing on the structure of local industries, the college has set up over 40 mayors, of which 5 mayors are provincial featured ones including Electromechanical Integration, Computer Art Design, Computer Network Technology, Electric Automatization and Costume Design.
The college has developed teaching modes of “Directional Enrollment and Bidirectional Cultivation”, “Combine Work with Study and Practice in Posts” and “Led by Projects and Driven by tasks” and opened nearly 50 classes, joint with 40 large enterprises, to cultivate special talents for them.
Add: No. 168 Xicheng Road, JiangyinCity, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-86022887

Wuxi ProfessionalCollege of Science and Technology
Wuxi professional College of Science and Technology, located in the center of New District and founded in 2003, is a full-time higher professional college filed in Ministry of Education of P.R.C., approved by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, hosted by Wuxi Municipal People’s Government and organized by New District Management Committee of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government. The New District of Wuxi, whose comprehensive capacity ranks the first place among 54 national high-tech development zones, provides firm platform and broad space for the college to promote cooperation among government, industry, university and institute and to improve talents’ quality
Add: No. 8 Xinxi Road, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-85345168 

Wuxi South Ocean College
Wuxi NanyangVocationalCollege, located in Turtle Head Peninsula Scenery reputed as “the first wonderful scenery in LakeTaihu”, is a booming and distinctive private common higher college. It was founded in June, 1998, approved by Ministry of Education of P.R.C. and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. It boosts five projects cooperated with renowned colleges in Australia, America and Ireland. “Construction and Design of Comic and Animation”, “Software Technology” and “Auto Technical Service and Sales” are demonstration majors among Wuxi vocational colleges
Add: No. 88 West Shanshui Road, Binhu District, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-85553200

Jiangnan Film Vocational College
Jiangnan FilmVocationalCollege is a full-time common higher college, approved by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and filed in Ministry of Education of P.R.C. The college enjoys two campuses Outang Campus and Shanshuicheng Campus and it cultivates talents mainly on three sunrise industries including film industry, air tourism and cultural innovation industry.
Add: No. 2, Qianou Road, Outang Vocational Education Campus, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-80101018

Taihu Chuangyi Vocational TechnicalCollege
Taihu ChuangyiVocationalTechnicalCollege is the first creative college in China, approved by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and filed in Ministry of Education of P.R.C., aiming to nurture innovative, pioneering and practical talents required by our society.
Adhering to the principle of “integrate industry, university and institute together and cooperate with foreign resources”, the college is engaged in guiding and participating in enterprises’ cultivation of talents. It has cooperated with SenecaCollege in Canada, the global leading college on design of comic and animation. Besides, it has established International Service Outsourcing Base and the TrainingCenter for Software Talents with a noted software company in Japan. In addition, it has built various creative entities joint with a great number of enterprises.
Add: No. 80 Qianrong Road, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-88823233

Wuxi Broadcast TV University
Wuxi Broadcast TV University, established in 1961, is a municipal higher education university, replying on the environment of modern education technology such as satellite TV network, computer network and teaching management network, as well as on the system advantage of national broadcast TV universities. It undertakes open education and higher vocational education with two campuses in Guangrui Road and Xinmin Road respectively.
Add: No. 390 Guangrui Road, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-82409078


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