Wuxi plans to issue a new policy to develop private schools for migrant children
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The Bureaus of education, planning, public security and construction co-sponsored a meeting on May 31 regarding the enrollment of migrant workers’ children. In the meeting, basic administration information on these children’s school enrollment in recent years was announced and emerging problems were further negotiated and deployed.

It was learnt that Wuxi had issued a relevant administration measure in 2004 in light of the compulsory education enrollment of migrant workers’ children, in which specific requirements for school enrollment were formulated. It said that as for migrant workers, they must have lived in Wuxi for over half a year with permanent domiciles and temporary residence permits, and at the same time, materials including over-one-year contracts of labour and certifications on the marriage and childbearing status of the floating population shall be handed in.

More news released that a new municipal level administration measure will be coming out in early June. It is expected to optimize schooling standards and to make sure that migrant workers’ children who are qualified for going to school all can be enrolled. Meanwhile, besides those children who are qualified in going to the nearest public schools, ones who are not qualified can also be arranged and accepted according to measures such as enrollment condition integration. Moreover, private schools, especially those in line with basic requirements, quality and security for running schools, are encouraged, supported and developed to play complementary functions of private schools for migrant students into full.


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