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Policy Opinion on "Program123" to Attract SOSE Enterprises
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The people's governments of all the cities (county-level), districts, all the commissions, offices, bureaus, and all the institutions directly under the Municipal Government:

In order to embrace the transfer of international service outsourcing, accelerate convergence of enterprises handling international service outsourcing and software export (hereinafter referred to “SOSE Enterprise”) in Wuxi and build Wuxi Taihu Protection Zone into a “Service Outsourcing Demonstration Zone in China”, this Opinion is hereby formulated and goes as follows:

I. Objective of Development

By the end of 2010, Wuxi will have gathered 100 SOSE Enterprises. Each of them will have over 2,000 employees and an annual export volume exceeding US$ 30 million (hereinafter abbreviated to “Program 123”).

II. Eligible Enterprise

An enterprise intending to apply for the key support shall meet the following requirements:

(I) It must be a SOSE Enterprise enjoying some reputation and good development potentials, and having registered in Wuxi with a paid-in registered capital no less than RMB 20 million yuan;

(II) It must be an enterprise engaged in undertaking international IT outsourcing (ITO), business process outsourcing (BPO), creative design outsourcing and software export business;

(III) It must be an enterprise having 2,000 employees and an annual export volume of US$ 30 million in three years after the day it is approved to enter "Program 123”.

III. Supporting Policies

Wuxi Municipal Government, the government of each county-level city or district, or the administrative committee of each industrial park will provide the ratified SOSE Enterprises with policy-based supports as follows:

(I) Rent Reduction & Exemption: A SOSE Enterprise will be offered a leasehold office, 10 m2 for each employee. The rent will be exempted for the first year and half for the second and the third years. Its implementation is made by the government of each county-level city or district, or the administrative committee of each industrial park.

(II) Financial Subsidy: A SOSE Enterprise will be granted a lump-sum subsidy of RMB 5-10 million yuan for importation and training of talents if it has over 500 employees and an annual export volume exceeding US$ 3 million.

(III) Export Reward: A SOSE Enterprise will be rewarded RMB 10,000 yuan for every addition of exports amounting to US$ 50,000 over the previous year according, for 3 years on end, to the export statistics of the Customs or the service outsourcing contract, the registration certificate of export contract and the exchange memo of bank. Taking an export volume of US$ 500,000 as the base for the first period, the reward will be funded by Wuxi Municipal Government and the government of county-level city or the district, or the administrative committee of industrial parks on a 50% basis respectively.

(IV) Reward for Talents: with an educational background of junior college or above, talents employed by SOSE Enterprises will get a reward equal to 30% of their individual income tax for five years on end and the reward is effected on a quarterly basis by the corresponding financial authorities.

(V) Others: SOSE Enterprises can enjoy the policies stated in the files promulgated by the People’s Government of Wuxi Municipality, such as “Opinions on Accelerating Development of Service Outsourcing Industry”, “Trial Regulations on Further Attracting and Recruiting Excellent Talents”, and the forthcoming policies as long as they do not conflict with this Opinions.

IV. Means of Implementation

(I) Set up a “Program 123”-steering team to attract SOSE Enterprises and an office. The office is based in the municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Service Outsourcing Industry Development Boosting Office) and responsible to conduct the program.

(II) SOSE Enterprises applying for key support shall first file an application to the local government of county-level city, district, or the local administrative committee of industrial park. After being assessed initially, the application will be submitted to the “Program 123” office for further examination. After that, the steering team will deliver its comment and, forward the application, if qualified, to Wuxi Municipal Government for final approval. Appraisal is made once a quarter.

(III) The enterprise shall provide the following documents while making application:

(1) Application;

(2) Copy of Business License;

(3) Feasibility Study Report (including information as to the management team, the industrial background, the business objective, the marketing strategy, the development measures, the partners and the agreement of intent, etc.);

(4) The Contract and the Articles of Association;

(5) Other documents required by the examination & approval authorities.

A table of contents shall be made in order for the foregoing documents, which are bound together, made in quintuplicate and submitted to the relevant authorities.

(IV) This Opinions apply to SOSE Enterprises having registered in the city proper of Wuxi (including New District, Binhu District, Xishan District, Huishan District, Beitang District, Nanchang District, and Chong’an District).

(V) This Opinions comes effective as of the date of its promulgation and its implementation regulations will be made by the “Program 123” Office to Attract Enterprises Handling International Service Outsourcing and Software Export.

September 25, 2007


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