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Implementation Opinion on Importation of Leading ORTs
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The people’s governments of all the cities (county-level), districts, all the commissions, offices, bureaus, and all the institutions directly under the Municipal Government:

In order to implement the strategy “Invigorating Wuxi through Science, Education and Human Resources”, expedite talent internationalization, advance independent innovation and pioneering with technology, concentrate on improving independent innovation capacity and build an innovative city, the Municipal Government plans to import 30 leading overseas returned talents (ORTs) in 5 years (hereinafter abbreviated to “Program 530”) and hereby puts forward the implementation opinions as follows:

I. Leading ORTs refer to

(I) Those leading talents who have worked overseas for more than 5 years after studying and obtaining a master degree abroad (for doctoral degree, more than 3 years), act as an academic or technological pacemaker in a faculty or technological field and own scientific achievements which enjoy some content of high technology and an extensive prospective of market development;

(II) Those leading talents who own exclusive intelligent property right and invention patent and whose technological achievements are internationally advanced, capable of filling the blank in China, and enjoy some market potential as well as favorable productivity of industrialization; or

(III) Those pioneering talents who can provide technology, project and capital to lead 5 mainstay industries, namely electronic information, new material, mechanical equipment, automobile & component and high-level textile, and 3 guiding industries, namely environmental protection, new energy and biology, in Wuxi.

II. Media to import leading ORTs

The key innovative, pioneering and creative media in existence and construction in Wuxi include: Software Park, Overseas Returnee Venture Park, Information Industry Park, Industrial Design Park, Technical Pioneering Park, University Technology Park, International Technical Cooperation Park and Cartoon Industry Base, etc.

The laboratories of Nanjing University are open to all the leading ORTs imported into Wuxi City.

III. Supportive policies enjoyed by the leading ORTs

(I) A lump sum of 1 million yuan as pioneering startup fund, a studio and an apartment both no less than 100m2 will be provided free of rent for three years;

(II) For a technological development program subject to verification and approval, a sum of no less than 3 million yuan will be provided from the municipal technical risk investment fund according to its investment demand;

(III) Guaranty of no less than 3 million yuan will be made for shortage of working capital in the industrialized production of high-tech products under favorable market demand.

(IV) For those becoming a share holder by investing their technological achievements, such achievements, after evaluation, can be taken as no less than 30% of the registered capital invested in the business.

(V) The preferential policies formulated by the Municipal Government for high-level talents to be imported on their children’s education and family members’ arrangement will be enjoyed by them as well.

IV. Employment of leading ORTs to be imported

(I) 5-10 leading ORTs will be imported each year. In the open, equal, impartial and preferential principle and on the premise of setting a proportion, the importation will be finally confirmed through interview after initial appraisal by the relevant municipal departments and intermediate appraisal by the expert group.

(II) Scientists in the relevant professions and investors of technological risk are invited to constitute an expert appraisal group who make comprehensive appraisal over the candidate talents and projects.

(III) The information of importing leading ORTs for venture will be published to overseas via Wuxi Government network, Wuxi job network, Ministry of Education network for overseas students and domestic media.

(IV) The candidates are expected to register on   and fill in Business Plan for Leading Overseas Returned talents.

(V) The registration notice is published each May and its deadline is July 31st of that year. The initial appraisal by the municipal departments and the intermediate appraisal by the expert appraisal group are finished in from August 1st to September 20th. Interview is made from September 20th to October 20th. And the result is published from October 20th to 31st October.

(VI) Those qualified for interview are entitled to have a free-charge round flight to and back from as well as stay at Wuxi enjoying free-charge accommodation.

May 12, 2006


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