Intercultural Adoption
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I. Legal Basis

According to Item 2 of Article 21 in the “Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China”, foreigners who want to adopt children in the People’s Republic of China should be approved and agreed by the administrative departments of the host country according to its laws. The adopter should provide certificate materials for his/her age, marriage status, job, wealth, health and non-criminal record issued by the authorized institutions of the host country. These materials should be accredited by the departments of foreign affairs or the authorized foreign affairs institutions of the host country and also be accredited by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. The adopter should sign an agreement with the person placing out the child for adoption in written forms and register it in the departments of civil affairs of the people’s governments at the provincial level.

Article 28 The client who agrees to remove the adoption relationship should register the removal of adoption relationship in the department of civil affairs.

II. Acceptance Conditions

Holding the “Notice of Coming to China for Adoption” of China Center of Adoption Affairs

III. Handling Term


IV.  Charging Basis and Charging Standard

RMB 250

V. Contact

Add.: Changcheng Building, No. 82 of South Taiping Road, Nanjing

Dept.: Jiangsu Provincial Center for “Intercultural marriage and adoption”


Complaint Tel.: Discipline supervision 025-8359433

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