Introduction of Wuxi
Population of Wuxi
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In 2017, the population of Wuxi grew steadily. At the end of the year, the registered population of the city was 4.9305 million, 1.41% more than the previous year. The annual population was 49,809, with a birth rate of 10.17 per thousand. There were 39,277 deaths, with a mortality rate of 8.02‰ and a natural population growth rate of 2.15‰. The urbanization rate is 75.03%. By the end of the year, the city's permanent population was 6.553 million, up 0.37% over the previous year, among which 4.9803 million were urban permanent population, up 0.63% over the previous year, and the urbanization rate of permanent population was 76.0%.


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