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Deputy Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Mayor of Wuxi --- Huang Qin
My Division of Labor:

Preside over the overall work of the municipal government, and manage finance, auditing, institutional development, urban and rural planning, human resources, civil servant management, social security, land and resources, statistics, institutional affairs, state-owned assets management, taxation, government affairs disclosure, safe production and emergency management.





Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor --- Xie Xiaojun

My Division of Labor:

In charge of work of public security, judicial, petition, national security and the double-support.




Deputy Mayor --- Zhu Aixun
My Division of Labor:

In charge of the work of development plans, economic system reform, major projects, housing and urban and rural construction, transportation, environmental protection, water pollution prevention of Tai Lake, municipal administration, garden and greening, urban management, price, civil defense, postal, military-civilian integration, Taihu New City construction, and assist in the planning of urban and rural planning.





Deputy Mayor --- Liu Xia

My Division of Labor:

In charge of the work of education, culture, health, population, family planning, sports, tourism, nationality, religion, radio, film, television and new press.




Deputy Mayor --- Wang Jinjian

My Division of Labor:

In charge of the whole work of the Party Working Committee of Wuxi High-Tech Development Zone (the CPC Xinwu District Committee). 




Deputy Mayor --- Lu Zhijian

My Division of Labor:
In charge of civil and business affairs, work of development zones, foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, work of legal system, local chronicles and archives.





Deputy Mayor --- Gao Yaguang

My Division of Labor:
In charge of manufacture, informatization, science and technology, intellectual property, private economy, industrial and commercial administration, quality and technology supervision, food and drug regulation and communication, and assist in the management of the Wuxi Administration of Work Safety.




Deputy Mayor --- Jiang Min

My Division of Labor:

In charge of the work of agricultural and rural economy, water conservancy, food, supply and marketing, economic cooperation, counterpart support, and poverty alleviation.




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