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Wuxi News Channel
Aiming to be local, large-scale and branding, the News Channel keeps on innovating and positive promoting and creates a 105-munite-long large newsmagazine “News All-round” that integrates news about politics, communities, news service and news experience. Currently, following programs have been established:
Wuxi News
Chinese City Report
Evening News
First Focus

Wuxi Economic Channel:
Channel 5 (Wuxi Economic Channel) mainly broadcasts living information, emotional stories, and serve in the patterns of telling in dialect, interactive service and live broadcast. “Close to Wuxi, close to citizens’ life” is the characteristic of Channel 5.
Currently, following programs have been established:
Wuxi On-the-air
Wuxi Dialect Talk Show
Finance Today
Media Opinions 
A Family in Wuxi

Wuxi Life Channel:
"Enjoyable” and “practical” are two highlights of Wuxi Life Channel, and “Living with sunshine and happiness” is a goal that Life Channel pursues.
Currently, following programs have been established: 
Healthy Life
100% Life
Fashion 360
1st Real Estate
Auto Time
Delicacies All-around

Wuxi Education Channel has programs as following:
Studio Classroom
On-Air University for the aged
Movie Appreciation
Colorful Childhood
Wuxi Education Report

More information on TV programs on website: http://v2.thmz.com/.


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