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Natural Resources of Wuxi
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Water Resources: There are more than 3100 rivers with a total length of 2480 kilometers. The total length of rivers in urban areas is 150 kilometers with capacity of 8 million cubic meters. Taihu Lake is the center of the water network with an area of 2338.1 square kilometers and the average annual throughput is approximately 52 billion cubic meters. Wuxi is abundant in water resources and supply. According to incomplete information of estimation, the urban reservation is 63.49 million cubic meters with the annual supply capacity of 64.53 million cubic meters.

Mineral Resources: Wuxi has rich mineral resources which are mainly clay ore, limestone, marble and other non-metallic minerals. There are 11 mineral water wells that passed technical appraisal and among which, five have been developed. 

Biological Resources: In addition to cultivated plants, Wuxi has abundant local plant resources as well as foreign naturalization plants, which include 141 subjects, 497 genus, 950 species, and 75 varieties. The main categories are bamboo, pine, fir, timber, sassafras, camphor, etc. More than 400 kinds of plants are of medicinal use. Furthermore, there are more than 170 kinds of birds and 90 species of fish. Wuxi is famous for the Three Taihu Whites (silver fish, white fish and white shrimps) and Taihu Dazha crabs. All these combine to make Wuxi a city known in China as the "land of rice and fish in areas south of the Yangtze River" and the "bright pearl shining over Taihu Lake". Moreover, there are more than 30 species of animals, which include the South China rabbit, pangolin, leopard cat, yellow weasel etc.


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