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16 agricultural products of Binhu District were greatly welcomed
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Recently, it was learnt from the Binhu District Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry that 16 provincial and municipal brand agricultural products of Binhu District were greatly welcomed and sold out at the Jiangsu 15th Agricultural International Cooperation Meeting which ended in Yancheng. In addition, Binhu District signed a USD 6 million project investment intention contract of "a factory using water planting facilities to cultivate plants" with the Japan Sunhill Joint-stock Company.

Reportedly, Binhu District had prepared a lot of exhibitions centering on tea leaves, fruits, flowers and plants, edible mushrooms and other advantageous and distinctive agricultural products, of which the products made in Binhu District and with regional characteristics gained much popularity. The district also invited 3 enterprises and cooperatives to take part in the exhibition. For example, the Japan Sunhill Joint-stock Company planned to take the lead in building a vegetable "factory" with spatial water planting facilities in Binhu District.


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