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The Indian-Sino (Wuxi) Economic and Trade Cooperation Meeting was held in Wuxi
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On April 23, the Indian-Sino (Wuxi) Economic and Trade Cooperation Meeting was held in Wuxi. On April 22, a trade delegation led by Mr. Naveen Srivastava, Consul General of Consulate General of India, Shanghai, arrived in Wuxi and was welcomed by Huang Qin, a member of the Wuxi Municipal Party Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Wuxi.

Reportedly, the first Indian-Sino (Wuxi) Economic and Trade Cooperation Meeting aimed at deepening the trade and investment cooperation between India and Wuxi. At the meeting, the representatives from India will introduce great business investment opportunities in India and explain relevant investment policies in detail. Huang Qin stated that Wuxi has cooperated a lot with India in economy and trade, and the total volume of imports and exports of both sides reached USD 1.3 billion in 2012; that the rich experience of India accumulated in software, medical treatment, service outsourcing and other industrial developments is worth learning by Wuxi; that currently, Wuxi is further opening wider to the outside world and actively leading enterprises to "go abroad" according to the requirement of economic internalization; and that this economic and trade cooperation meeting provided a good platform for both sides to deepen understanding and look for cooperation. In addition, he hoped that both sides will further strengthen cooperation in the culture, education, hygiene, tourism and other fields, thus promoting common development.


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