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CEO of AstraZeneca visited Wuxi
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On January 9, a group led by David Brennan, Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca, visited Wuxi, and announced to further expand its supply base in Wuxi, enabling more products to realize local production. Fang Wei, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, met the group.

During the meeting, Fang Wei stated that the biological medicine industry is a high-end industry to which Wuxi gave priority, and is also an important grasper of enhancing the city’s core competitiveness; and that following closer relation between government and enterprise because of the financial crisis in 2008, as for AstraZeneca, Wuxi would provide support and help as always. He also thanked AstraZeneca’s trust in Wuxi, and hoped to carry out further cooperation with the company in the biological medicine service outsourcing field and community medicine field. Brennan showed thanks to Wuxi's government for its recognition and support to the company, and expressed that the reasons for it to decide to add investment are the city’s soft and hard environments as well as high-quality talents. In addition, the company signed strategic cooperation agreement with Wuxi New District.


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