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President of America Sachem Inc. led a group to visit Wuxi
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On December 3, Mr. Muni, President of America Sachem Inc., led a group to visit Wuxi. Tan Xueming, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, met the guests in New District. Both sides conducted enthusiastic talks on further enhancing cooperation.

Wuxi Sachem High Purity Co., Ltd., invested in New District by America Sachem Inc., has developed rapidly since putting on production in September, 2007. The product quality of the major product TMAH (tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide) has been stable and reached the quality standard of similar products of the American factory. It was introduced that TMAH is mainly applied in fields including semiconductor and TFT-LCD and is an important constituent part in the liquid crystal industrial chain. Currently, Wuxi Sachem has become the supporting supplier of semiconductor and liquid crystal production enterprises across the country including China Resources, Hynix and Sharp.

During the meeting, Mr. Muni introduced that Wuxi Sachem planned to give additional investment and set about the construction of the 2nd engineering in the beginning of 2009 and an Asia-Pacific Research Center will be established. Tan Xueming showed gratitude to the enterprise for putting the strategic focus in Wuxi. He said that the confidence of Sachem to the future is encouraging, which will vigorously propel the development of semiconductor and liquid crystal industry in Wuxi. What's more, the idea of development on environmental protection, safety production and so on of Sachem is consistent with that of Wuxi. The Wuxi Municipal People's Government will strongly support the development of Sachem in Wuxi and complete service work as always.


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