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Wuxi top 10 wetlands · Flower appreciation in spring outing
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Time: March - May

Ticket price: most are free and RMB 30 for Lianghong Wetland Park

Characteristics: flower appreciation, hiking, camping and bicycle cycling

Traffic: self-driving

It cannot be more proper to say that Wuxi is a water city in the Yangtze River Delta region as 70% areas of Wuxi are covered with water. In recent years, Wuxi has strengthened water area management and built many wetland parks, including several national-level wetland parks. Most wetland parks in the city are open to tourists for free and each wetland park is equipped with parking lots, leisure zones, dining restaurants and teahouses. When spring comes and flowers bloom, Wuxi’s wetland parks are suitable for tourists to take a walk and appreciate flowers.

The Wuxi top 10 wetland parks are as follows: 1. Wuxi Lihu National Wetland Park; 2. Changguangxi National Wetland Park; 3. Jiulihe Wetland Park; 4. Huishan Wetland Park; 5. Lianghong Wetland Park; 6. Shangxianhe Wetland Park; 7. Taihu Xintiandi Wetland Park; 9. Tuanjiu City Wetland Park; 9. Wanshandang Wetland Park; 10. Liangtanghe Ecological Wetland Park.

Landscape buildings including wooden plank and pavilion surrounding the wetland are built in Changguangxi National Wetland Park. Tourists can take a walk while appreciating flowers and watch birds as there are a large quantity of perching egrets and other rare birds and exotic flowers and plants throughout the year. Some tea houses and distinctive wine shops with good environment have been built near Changguangxi National Wetland Park in recent years, Shuiyue Villa, Songling Building and Gedai Restaurant for example. Tourists can conduct recreational activities there.

Ten-Li Fragrant Lane is a beautiful path separating the Taihu Turtle-head Peninsula Scenic Area and the Li Garden Scenic Area as well as a colorful landscape corridor between Tai Lake and Li Lake. There is motor-vehicle sightseeing road as well as special bicycle cycling and hiking road marked with different colors on the 5-kilometer long meandering lane. When spring comes, the nice path, blue sky and clear water, green grasses, blooming flowers, swaying willows and rippling spring waves compose a picturesque scene.

The main reason to recommend Taihu Gonghuwan Wetland Park is that it has just been built, far away from downtown while having beautiful scenery and few visitors. People can go fishing, camp and breathe fresh air at weekends here. In addition, in the east of Taihu Gonghuwan Wetland Park is the famous Xiaoxiqiao Fishing Village Dock. There you can see fishermen catch fish and buy alive lake food caught by them with rather cheap prices.

Shangxianhe Wetland locates in Huazhuang Town and adjoins the Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center and Junyue Hotel. There are walking trails and places of landscapes in the wetland. It is worth mentioning that there is an undisclosed pocket southern town facing water on three sides: Xuntang Ancient Town. The town was the busiest in 1970s and it is said that the flow of people in the ancient town in one day could reach 10 thousand at that time.

If you don’t like crowds in the urban area of Wuxi, I suggest you to drive along Wuxi’s Tai Lake. Start from Wuxi Mey Blossom Garden towards west and drive across the Wuxi Eighteen Bay Scenic Area and the Ten-mile Pearl Long Beach, then you can appreciate the truest Tai Lake Spring landscape along the road without buying admission ticket.


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