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Scenic Spot of Dou Mountain· Spring Tea · Doushan Chan Temple · Picking Strawberries
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Time: March - May

Location: Dou Mountain, Xibei Town, Wuxi

Characteristics: Flower appreciation, spring tea, strawberry, peasant family’s meal, Doushan Chan Temple

Ticket price: Free, and RMB 10 for ticket of Doushan ChanTemple

Doushan Chan Temple is a small temple in Dou Mountain of Xibei Town in Wuxi. During spring season, spring flowers there are in full blossom, together with elegant Buddhist sound and rising incense smoke. Dou Mountain is world-famous for its Taihu Bamboo tea, so the busiest season there every year is the time of picking tea leaves.

Besides abounding in Taihu Bamboo tea, farmers in Dou Mountain also plant strawberries. Strawberries there are relatively larger and have good flavor. If picking independently, the strawberries will be sold for RMB 15 to RMB 20 per jin (1 jin = 0.5 kilogram).


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