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Xuelang Mountain · Rape Flower · Spring Tea · Lavender · Drifting
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Time: March to May

Locations: Xuelang Mountain, Xushe Village, Xiangyang Forestry Farm, Xuelang Mountain Ecological Garden

Ticket price: free for enjoying flowers in a spring outing around Xuelang Mountain; the entrance ticket of entering the Xuelang Mountain Ecological Garden is RMB 30 and the parking fee is RMB 10.

Contents: rape flower, peach blossom, spring tea, lavender, rafting and Jiangzi Academy of Classical Learning.

Bus: Route 105, 77, 95, 133, 9, 128, 395, Fast 1.

Xuelang Mountain, with an altitude of over 100 meters, is in the southern part of Wuxi and in the northern shore of Tai Lake. It is called the 1st Peak of Tai Lake as well. With contents, the altitude of a mountain is not a problem. Xuelang Mountain and the surrounding area is a place gathering talents and demonstrating that the greatness of a man lends glory to a place. Only in the history of Xushe Village, 15 former third degree candidates of imperial examination appeared, occupying 79% of the number of all previous former third degree candidates in Taihu Town. This is also unique in the area of Wuxi. And there is a Jiangzi Academy of Classical Learning in the top of Xuelang Mountain, which cultivated Jiang Chongzhen, the 1st Number One Scholar title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination in Wuxi. Therefore, Xuelang Mountain is also called the polar region of Number One Scholars.

In recent years, with the help of superior geographical and natural environment, Xuelang Mountain developed tourism vigorously. The countryside of lavender was popular in regions south of the Yangtze River in 2013. And the high mountain rafting project built up in 2014 was worthy going.

There are several famous villages in surrounding areas of Xuelang Mountain in Wuxi, involving Xushe Village, Nanquan Ancient Town and Gedai Village. These are all ancient villages with history of over several hundred years. If you enter the villages, villagers there will tell you stories about the ancient villages. In spring, golden rape flowers start blooming in the fields or in front of and behind houses, decorating the small villages idyllic. According to the farmers in the villages, they planted rape flowers by themselves. Some are edible and the others are used for making oil. You can pass through the sea of flowers here without any money, and your camera can record the most real-life pictures of spring.


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