Wuxi Chapter of the " China Dream"
City children cultural art festival in full swing
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To deeply carry out the My China Dream theme educational practice activity, enrich cultural and artistic life of juveniles and show adolescents' good spiritual outlook of loving the motherland and exerting themselves and the abundant achievements gained in children cultural construction in Wuxi, the Publicity Department of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, the Wuxi Municipal Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee and other departments jointly held the 5th Children Cultural Art Festival recently. Now, the art festival has been in full swing.

According to introduction, the children cultural art festival centers on the theme of letting dreams set sail, organizes multiple forms of essay speech, competition exhibition, talent show and theme practice activities, and guides juveniles to try to become a new generation of people who have lofty moral character, are aspiring, civilized, courteous, happy and healthy and can develop in an all-around way. It was also learnt that the activity will last to this December.


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