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Youth e-commerce entrepreneurship incubation base established in Yixing
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Recently, the 1st youth e-commerce entrepreneurship incubation base in Jiangsu was established in Yixing, laying foundation for propelling the development of youth e-commerce entrepreneurship development in Yixing. It was learnt that the establishment of the base will become a key component of the rural youth e-commerce training engineering in the whole province. The China Communist Youth League Jiangsu Committee plans to establish 100 similar training bases, among which 82 ones are in county-level cities, which will center on aspects involving actual operation of electronic commerce, network marketing and logistics distribution management, thus providing electronic commerce training for rural entrepreneurial youths.

It was learnt that the rural e-commerce of Yixing started early and developed fast, and is the comprehensive demonstration county of letting national e-commerce enter rural areas in the 1st batch in the whole province. Since 2013, the China Communist Youth League Yixing Committee has vigorously implemented the rural youth e-commerce entrepreneurship cloud plan in the pottery capital, organized cloud brainpower, set up cloud classroom, established cloud platform and integrated cloud resource, providing various services involving guidance, training and support for rural youth e-commerce and effectively stimulating the passion of touching network of rural entrepreneurial youths. To provide better entrepreneurial environment, Yixing has also been busily promoting the construction of rural youth e-commerce entrepreneurship position. Currently, 4 rural youth e-commerce entrepreneurship incubation bases including the Yixing Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park and the Yixing International E-commerce Industrial Park have attracted over 2,000 settled projects in total. It was learnt that up to 2014, the trading volume of electronic commerce in Yixing has exceeded RMB 30 billion, with over 20,000 industrial employees and 1 provincial-level rural e-commerce demonstration village, forming the e-commerce industrial clusters involving purple sand ceramic, electric wire, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry product and rural tourism.


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