Wuxi Chapter of the " China Dream"
Happy China Dream red theme philatelic items issued
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The year of 2015 welcomes the 70th anniversary of victories of China's Anti-Japanese War and World Anti-Fascist War. In honor of Chinese people's heroic feat for defending national independence and national dignity, Wuxi Post officially issued the Happy China Dream red theme series philatelic items on July 19.
The red philatelic items issued are themed as engraving history on mind, cherishing peace, and fully reveal the huge changes and brilliant achievements gained since the founding of the People's Republic of China. At the same time, a set of commemorative coin named as Eulogy of Peace was also issued. Not a few red series philatelic items issued this time are the stamps issued at the initial stage of new China and were all collected from folk, of which the cheapest one is over RMB 2,000.
It was learnt that red series stamps are hot in folk nowadays, and their collection value is rising as the number of those stamps surviving is less and less.


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