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1st undergraduate original training camp in China settles down in Wuxi
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On September 12, the 1st iCAN original Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship training camp in China settled down in New District, Wuxi, not only adding firewood for Wuxi's mass creation space construction which grows vigorously, but also providing new supporting platform for Wuxi to perfect mass innovation and public entrepreneurship. As the important support of the national-level innovative competition jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the Global Chinese Society of Micro-nano Molecule System, the original training camp will be taken as a standing body, providing guidance, training and fund support for undergraduates having ambition to conduct innovation and entrepreneurship.

The newly-established training camp is the 1st professional training camp in the whole country established in allusion to innovation and entrepreneurship of undergraduates, and will activate abundant science and education resources of undergraduate innovation park in New District in combination with Wuxi's local micro-electronics industrial strength and construction and promotion vigor of construction of the state sensor network innovation demonstration plot, thus becoming a new platform validly supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Wuxi.


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