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Wuxi entrepreneurs share intellectual property protection knowledge
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Though ideological trend of entrepreneurship of 2015 is hot, more and more entrepreneurs are facing trouble of brand and originality plagiarism and right infringement. So, representatives of units involving the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Dark Horse Club Wuxi Branch, Wuxi Cynovo Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the Wuxi Federation of Overseas Investment and the China Youth Association of Overseas Returnees Wuxi Branch and over 100 Wuxi entrepreneurial representatives held the special sharing meeting of intellectual property protection in iPark in New District, Wuxi to jointly discuss about the way of protecting intellectual property rights in entrepreneurship.

The sponsor of the activity invited experts in the field of intellectual property. Yuan Xiaoqiong, General Manager of Wuxi Xuanbo Trademark Agency, stated intellectual property protection issues of the Internet era and the globalization age and policy analysis on intellectual property guidance and encouragement policies of Jiangsu in detail in allusion to walking-out enterprises and internet pioneering enterprises. Doctor Chen Hailei, who went back to Wuxi from Silicon Valley to start business and established Wuxi Cynovo Science and Technology Co., Ltd., shared his experience and understandings in the aspect of intellectual property. He mentioned that at the beginning, on account of indifference to the issue of intellectual property, a product developed by his company became a cheap copy on the contrary, reminding entrepreneurs to not believe in international specialists too much.


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