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Yunfu public entrepreneurship space starts business
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Wuxi has been vigorously constructing the good atmosphere of public entrepreneurship and mass innovation. On December 5, the Yunfu public entrepreneurship space started business in Yunfu Building located in Chong'an Temple Walking Street in Zhongshan Road. So far, Wuxi has built up 26 distinctive public entrepreneurship spaces. Wang Quan, Mayor of Wuxi, and Ye Qinliang, Secretary General of the Wuxi Municipal People's Government, attended the activity.

The Yunfu public entrepreneurship space established this time has total area of nearly 2,000 square meters. Through implanting related service resources of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, provide various policies of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship at national level, provincial level and municipal level, especially policies of science and technology, for vast entrepreneurs by adopting on-line inquiry and off-line consultation; and let related policies benefit innovation and entrepreneurship talents by adopting one package science and technology project service mode of declaration acceptance, formal examination and tracking supervision. On December 5, Wuxi Science and Technology Service Window entered the Yunfu public entrepreneurship space to integrate related science and technology service functions into over 20 service functions in 6 plates involving finance, intellectual property and achievement transformation and create the big platform of science and technology service, thus providing personalized services for demands of entrepreneurs in different development phases.


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