Entrepreneurship of College Students
Nanny-type entrepreneurship nursery opens
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On the afternoon of December 8, the 5C Maker public entrepreneurship space created by the Wuxi International Personnel Exchange Service Center and themed as incubating innovation projects of undergraduates opened in the Wuxi 530 Building.

The 5C Maker public entrepreneurship space is a nanny-type entrepreneurship nursery with city features and industrial characteristics of Wuxi, providing open-type, facilitation, low-cost and all-factor public entrepreneurship space and all-around one-stop services before incubation for new-generation entrepreneurs taking undergraduates as main body. Here, entrepreneurs can get basic services such as industry and commerce registration and value-added services such as project design, and even customized services such as brand design. After successful incubation, the projects can be guided to all industrial parks.

According to introduction, at present, 7 projects have entered the nursery, among which 3 ones have had financing.


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