Wuxi Chapter of the " China Dream"
Special performance as an expression of gratitude of respecting and loving the aged
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A few days ago, the Wuxi Opera Theatre Fan Association Xinan Branch was established. Under guidance of the chairperson of the branch, the members went to gerocomiums in residential streets involving Xuelang and Nanquan to conduct special performance as an expression of gratitude of welcoming the new year.

In this branch, there are elderly people over 80 years old, and young adult theatre fans of 20 to 30 years old as well. Apart from traditional programs, this performance contained singing of strong voice of the era including China Dream and socialist core values established by members of the drafting group named as Caogen Xinsheng in Huazhuang Residential Street, carrying forward positive energy of socialism. Before singing, the members interacted with the aged in gerocomiums. The aged friends nodded, smiled and applauded ever and agah.


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