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Xishan District mitigates enterprise revenue of over RMB 300 million in 2015
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To further cultivate good ecology of public entrepreneurship and mass innovation, Xishan District has comprehensively implemented a series of preferential tax policies to lighten the burden on enterprises, motivate vitality of innovation and accelerate industrial agglomeration development. In 2015, Xishan District mitigated revenue of over RMB 303 million for 172 enterprises in total and managed tax reimbursement of RMB 68.69 million for 419 enterprises, thus better giving play to policy effect of promoting development and benefiting the people.

It was learnt that in 2015, local taxation bureaus in Xishan District actively publicized preferential policies, gave play to functions of new media involving Smart Local Taxation APP and WeChat and actively constructed Taxpayer School effectively integrating on line and off line, carrying out policy express for enterprises and enhancing publicity coverage rate of preferential policies. To enhance transaction efficiency of tax preference, local taxation bureaus in Xishan District strengthened integration of business processes and job duties of all departments and offices, optimized tax management flows, reduced examination and approval processes, shortened examination and approval time limit and timely completed business tutorship on enterprises conforming to conditions of mitigating tax reimbursement, thus guaranteeing policies to settle down.


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