Entrepreneurship of College Students
To take part in 52-hour entrepreneurial salad
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It was learnt on February 24 that the Yunfu Mass Innovation Space, a comprehensive service platform jointly constructed by Yunfu Group and the Wuxi Productivity Promotion Center, will hold 52-hour entrepreneurship salad, a large-scale 100-person entrepreneurial activity, on March 18, providing a platform for project exhibition and resource docking for entrepreneurs.
Reportedly, the entrepreneurship salad is a global entrepreneurial activity. At present, it has organized 54 entrepreneurial activities in 26 cities, and helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs find like-minded partners, acquire unforgettable learning experience in life, gain investment and obtain users.
From March 18 to March 20, the entrepreneurship salad activity in Wuxi station will start in Yunfu Mass Innovation Space. The salad activity is aimed at supplying the opportunity of experiencing mutual aid and mutual battle with partners, getting acquainted with tutors and immediately taking action and changing idea into realities for changers with entrepreneurial idea. Competitors of the activity may possess entrepreneurial ideas, or could be industrial elites good at design, programming, product promotion and others, thus letting entrepreneurs better realize importance of groups and role assignment in entrepreneurship.


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