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3 new state-level mass innovation spaces in Wuxi
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It was learnt from the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology on March 2 that 3 mass innovation spaces with original mode, professional service, outstanding performance and good operation including 3S Entrepreneurship Coffee of Wuxi High and New Technology Entrepreneurship Development Co., Ltd., Xingchuang Workshop of Zhonghao Entrepreneurship Incubator Management Co., Ltd. and Entrepreneurship Drawing Room of National Science Park of Jiangnan University were rated as state-level mass innovation spaces by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. Till now, there have been 19 mass innovation spaces confirmed in the whole city, including 10 city-level, 14 province-level and 3 state-level.
Reportedly, according to Wuxi's plan of constructing mass innovation space and propelling mass innovation entrepreneurship action, Wuxi will build 10 major mass innovation space clusters, structure market-oriented mass innovation space taking social force as principal thing, and form over 30 mass innovation space and other new-type incubators as well as over 60 small enterprises entrepreneurship bases, undergraduate entrepreneurship park, undergraduate entrepreneurship demonstration base and other entrepreneurship carriers in the whole city. Each mass innovation space cluster will establish a batch of low-cost, convenient, all-factor and open-ended mass innovation spaces of maker incubation, professional service, investment promotion, training tutorship, media extension and other types, thus providing good working space, network space, sociality space and resources sharing space for innovative entrepreneurs and training a batch new-type mass innovation incubation platform based on internet.


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