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Pioneering Wuxitamped industrial bases
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With the innovation andperfection of the policy of nation-wide entrepreneurship in Wuxi in recent 2 years, the supporting force and scope of entrepreneurship were enlarged again, such as doubling the graduates’entrepreneurshipsupporting funds with unlimited census registers, giving subsidy to farmers’ entrepreneurship hatch bases and so on.

Reportedly, theheadquarters of iSoftStone in China will be set in Wuxi. Wuxi is striving to develop the Internet of Things and build the smart city, and circumjacent enterprises of big data, cloud computing and Internet of Thingsare becoming more and more. Theindustry environment makes the strong magnetic force of the settlement of headquarters. In recent years, a batch of projects with investment of over RMB 10 billion including the 5th period of technology upgrade project of SK Hynix and Wanda culture and tourism project were accumulating positive energy for changing ways and adjusting structures.

With the creation of Pioneering Wuxi, the whole city will promote continual optimization of industrial structures, speed upforming the modern industrial system taking modern service industry as main body, strategic emerging industry and advanced manufacturing industry as supports and modern agriculture as foundation; will focus on developing emerging industries, vigorouslycultivating smart and innovative enterprises to propel the construction of the state sensor network innovation demonstration areas; will acceleratechanging the agricultural development ways and comprehensively carry forward the construction of the state modernized agriculture demonstration areas. At the same time, Wuxi will promote the Huishan Economic Development Area, the Wuxi Economic Development Area and the Jiangying Harbor Economic Development Area to upgrade as the Chinese national economic and technological development areas.


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