Scientific literacy promotion through Internet Plus science popularization
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On March 17, the 10th (enlarged) meeting of the work leading group of scientific quality of the whole people in Wuxi was convened. It was learnt at the meeting that in 2015, the scientific literacy index of citizens in Wuxi reached 10.4%, 4.6% more than that of 5.8% in 2010, marking that the scientific quality of citizens in the whole city entered rapid development period. Cao Jiazhong, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, attended the meeting.

More factors of informatization and internet will be added in scientific quality construction of the whole people in the next stage. It was learnt that the whole city will adapt to modern media development and promote application of informatization methods in the field of science popularization, including increasing development and spread of resources involving high-quality science popularization films and television programs and network science popularization games facing new media; and integrating existing science popularization resources and contents to realize online and offline spread and send science popularization contents to public places, rural areas and other places in the way of science popularization digital film and digital resource package.


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