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First-phase Entrepreneurship Salad in Wuxi carried out
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It was discovered on March 19 that the Maker Space in Yunfu Mansion was extremely busy, which turned out be heated exchange between numerous youth entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship tutors, as that was an important content of the first-phase entrepreneurship salad activity carried out in Wuxi. From March 18 to March 20, the first-phase 52-hour entrepreneurship salad activity launched actively, and attracted nearly 100 entrepreneurs as well as 20 angel investors, financial experts, entrepreneurship tutors, entrepreneurs and other people concerning about entrepreneurship from surrounding places of Wuxi to take part in. This was the first time of the Entrepreneurship Salad activity to be organized in Wuxi.
Since the beginning of 2016, Entrepreneurship Salad has been organized in Hongkong, Taiwan and Shenzhen, and settled down in Wuxi for the first time this time. During the 52 hours of 2 daytimes and 3 nights, nearly 100 entrepreneurs, through free team forming, originality collision, passion road show and investment docking, incubated new ideas, and realized convergence fermentation of entrepreneurial projects. High-quality projects in Wuxi Station of the entrepreneurship salad activity may be possible to enter Yunfu's Mass Entrepreneurship Space and enjoy all-round entrepreneurship incubation services.


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