Zhongdong Village pear cultural festival opens
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The Houqiao Zhongdong Village Pear Cultural Festival opened on March 27. Tourists from all regions out of admiration swarmed into Li Park to appreciate flowers and take photos, and the 1,000-mu (1 mu = 0.06667 hectares) pear flower plantation base was crowded with tourists. It was learnt from Houqiao Residential Street that besides a series of cultural activities, the pear cultural festival in 2016 will enable tourists intuitively to learn about pollution-free vegetation process of pear through newly-built IOT (Internet of Things) monitoring platform.
The performance scene of the pear cultural festival in 2016 is set up in Pear Park. Over 10 colorful serial cultural activities including opening ceremony of Pear Flower Passion and Pear Flower Heart voluntary service activity will let tourists feel fresh and natural pastoralism.
In the newly established agricultural machinery storehouse of the cooperative, not only blooming scenery of pear flower, but also moisture, soil humidity and temperature, air quality, nutrient level and others will be shown in the big screen. From October, 2015, the cooperative has invested millions to divide 1,000 mu-pear park into 27 areas, and conducted 24-hour monitoring on the pear park by burying sensor in soil of each area and erecting probes in the air. If soil in an area is short of water or suffers from pest and disease damage, corresponding data will be transmitted to terminal without delay, and related staff member can direct sprayers built in the farm to spray water or pesticide after turning on mobile phone. Biopesticide, manure and other agricultural materials used in the pear park can be traced to the source through IOT. After pears are mature and enter market, citizens will also be able to look over the whole vegetation process of pear via two-dimension code on box.


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