Graphene clothing released in Wuxi
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When meeting emergency change of air temperature, outdoor workers including traffic police just need to lightly adjust on mobile phone APP, and their outerwear's temperature will be adjusted according to weather variations. On the morning of March 30, the graphene clothing was released in Wuxi officially. Graphene clothing, waistband, kneecap and other new products combined high-tech graphene heating technology with intelligent hardware and conducted health management and intelligent service on human body, which is hopeful to promote the intelligent clothing field to develop to a higher level.

Feng Guanping, President of GNM New Materials Co., Ltd., introduced that these products, integrating functions involving top-speed warming of graphene, far infrared physiotherapy and intelligent temperature control, have the superiorities which cannot be compared by traditional heating protective clothing. Coordinating with APP intelligent control system, the products can realize accurate temperature control technically, letting users freely adjust to comfortable temperature according to demands and providing health data and health management suggestions for users in real time.


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