A large batch of festival activities to be organized
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It was learnt from the Landscape City on April 13 that from now till the end of June, a large batch of festival activities such as Lavender Appreciation Festival, Dafu Drunken Plum Cultural Festival and Taihu Cup Regatta will be organized again. While enjoying beautiful scenery, tourists can feel different festival atmosphere.
According to introduction of related principal of the Landscape City, at the end of spring and beginning of summer, it's the vast lavender field that becomes the most attractive thing in the Xuelangshan Ecological Park. The 2016 Lavender Appreciation Festival will start from May 10 to June 10, lasting for 1 month. During the activity, besides appreciating lavenders, tourists can also buy side-line range of products of lavenders such as essential oil, sachet and essential oil soap and bring them home.
What's more, Dafu Drunken Plum is the special local fruit of Wuxi and has a long cultivation history. From June 10 to July 12 and themed as ecology, affection and health, the Dafu Drunken Plum Cultural Festival will organize guests to visit orchard, walk ancient road and taste plum, for enhancing entertainment of the activity.
Apart from the above-mentioned 2 activities, the Taihu Cup Regatta ranked as international competition is the highlight of the Landscape City in 2016. The 8th Taihu Cup Regatta will be held in the Wuxi Taihu Shanshui Club & Marine from July 1 to July 3. It was stated by related principal that the regatta will become main impetus of driving tourism industrial development of the Landscape City, and turn into unique travel business card of the Landscape City.


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