Dragon boat race to reappear in Li Lake during Dragon Boat Festival
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The circumstance of dragon boats breaking waves will reappear in water area of the Li Lake during the Dragon Boat Festival in 2016. It was learnt from Scenic Area of Li Lake on April 20 that the Wuxi Dragon Boat Folk Custom Festival & 2016 Lihu Nationwide Fitness Dragon Boat Race will be organized in the water area of the Li Lake adjoining the miXC from June 9 to June 11. Jointly sponsored by Wuxi Culture & Tourism Development Group, Wuxi Press Group, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Sports and the Organization Committee of the Taihu Landscape Cultural Tourism Festival, the nationwide fitness dragon boat race is one of the sub-activities of the Wuxi Taihu Landscape Culture & Tourism Festival in 2016, which aggregates vigorous Lihu, healthy sports, folk culture and other multiple elements and is aimed at building dragon boat folk custom grand meeting belonging to Wuxi's own.
The preliminary and final matches of the dragon boat race undertaken by Wuxi Lihu Landscape Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. will be respectively held on June 10 and June 11, while the folk custom craft production activity organized by the Wuxi Phoenix Art Zone will be conducted synchronously during the minor vacation of the Dragon Boat Festival. On the occasion, citizens and tourists will not only appreciate wonderful dragon boat race on the Li Lake, taste delicious zongzi and make handicraft by themselves, and but also experience canoeing and other various water entertainment projects. The organization committee hoped the dragon boat race can further enrich spare time of Wuxi citizens, propel nationwide fitness and develop mass sports, which is also an inheritance towards traditional folk culture of China.


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