Emphasizing safety production in metro construction
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The 1st-phase project of Line 3 and south extension part of Line 1 of Wuxi Metro are under construction in full swing. On May 26, Wuxi held a meeting on safety production of metro construction engineering, and requested that metro construction should be prepared for danger in times of safety, emphasize safety production at any moment by combining with flood season and other seasonal features, deeply carry out major inspection about safety production, and focus on check in pipeline move and change, demolition, geology, flood prevention and other aspects, thus truly ensuring clear understanding of basic situation. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, attended the meeting.

Metro project is a super engineering in the field of city municipal administration with long construction time and wide working aspect and covering multiple specialties and departments, and faces many challenges in technology, management and supervision. It was pointed out at the meeting that relevant departments should strictly execute one-vote veto system of safety responsibility, earnestly and practically implement metro safety supervision and assessment system, set assessment standard and quantitative index in every work, regularly publish safety situation and control effect of metro, establish responsibility lifelong accountability system of safety production and quality accident, and achieve that explicit responsibilities shall be punished in time and tacit responsibilities will held accountable in lifetime, thus forcing metro safety work to be pushed ahead solidly.


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