Smart finance promotion project
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Relevant departments shall use new-generation information technology to build smart financial platform and establish financial database containing macro economic data, microcosmic body operating data, static capital gross data and structured data, dynamic fund flow data and transformation efficiency data and so on; and use big data processing and analysis technique to provide firmest basis and guarantee for scientific decision-making of governments to fully give play to investment direction function of smart finance, improve investment structure and make capital allocation in priority, thus promoting upgrade of industrial structure, innovating financial services, adapting to needs of information society and constantly promoting financial informatization level. (leading unit: the Office of Financial Work  of the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, coordination units: the Wuxi Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the People's Bank of China Wuxi Central Branch and the China Banking Regulatory Commission Wuxi Branch)


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