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Wuxi No.5 People’s Hospital
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Once named as Wuxi Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Wuxi No.5 People’s Hospital was renamed in 2011 after approval of the superior competent department and was established as Wuxi No.5 Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University in 2014.

Built in 1951, Wuxi No.5 People’s Hospital is the only third-level 2nd class specialized hospital in Wuxi and the first built in South Jiangsu to cure all kinds of infectious diseases, is a teaching hospital of Nanjing Medical University and Suzhou University, is a postgraduate education base of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, and is a clinical base of infectious diseases of traditional Chinese medicine of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R.C. The Wuxi Institute of Hepatopathy and the consultation center of lung disease of the Wuxi Medical Association are also set up in Wuxi No.5 People’s Hospital.

At present, there are 380 authorized beds and 410 open beds in the hospital. And it sets up 8 departments including infectious disease, hepatitis (including serious hepatitis and hepatopathy of traditional Chinese and Western medicine), fatty liver, oncology, tuberculosis, respiration medicine, sexually transmitted disease (dermatology) and physical examination, 10 inpatient areas and 7 medical laboratories. Currently, the hospital is a national demonstration unit of traditional Chinese medicine among general (specialized) hospitals; the infectious disease department is a provincial-level key specialty; the hepatopathy department of traditional Chinese and Western medicine is a provincial-level key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine; the hepatitis department is a municipal key specialty; and the clinical laboratory is a key discipline construction unit in Wuxi.

Wuxi No.5 People’s Hospital has successively won titles such as Jiangsu civilized unit, Wuxi civilized unit, Wuxi civilized hospital, Wuxi advanced base-level Party organization, Wuxi superior unit of credible price and measurement in service industry, Wuxi safe hospital and hospital without red bag. In 2011, the remote construction engineering of Wuxi No.5 People’s Hospital was solemnly laid a foundation and started construction, and the hospital was positioned as large-special and small-general, built according to standards of a third-level 1st class hospital, and predicted to finish construction in 2016. After putting into use, the hospital will open 700 beds for inpatients. By the time, it will make bigger contributions to public health career and basic medical services for citizens in Wuxi and even in surrounding areas.

Address: No. 88, Xingyuan Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu

Bus Routes: Donglin Lijiao Station by Bus No. 77, No. 213, No. 602, No. 606, No. 715, No. 751, and No. 761

Tel: 0510—80219555



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