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Three rural areas activity by college student volunteers to be carried out
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It was learnt from relevant department on July 11 that for purpose of guiding and helping young students to receive education, gain ability and make contribution in social practice and letting them become people with ideal, pursuit, responsibility, achievement, quality and culture, the Publicity Department of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, the Wuxi Municipal Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee Office, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Education, the China Communist Youth League Wuxi Committee and the Wuxi Federation of Students decided to organize a culture, science and technology and health three rural areas social practice activity by college student volunteers in Wuxi in summer vacation of 2016 recently.

Themed as youth making contributions in 13th Five-Year Plan and jointly constructing China Dream hand in hand and in accordance with the principles of target precision, work systematization, implementation projectization, transmission three dimension and establishing items as required, forming groups according to items, two-way benefiting, the activity will take helping the poor and the needy, supporting the elderly, saving the orphan, rescuing patients, assisting the disabled, providing disaster relief, aiding medicine, offering help to education and other as working emphases, and organize college student volunteers to widely carry out various forms of social practice activities.


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