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Internet promotion projects of 19 enterprises in Binhu District obtain province-level support
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It was learnt from the Binhu District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology on August 29 that according to the provincial industrial and information industrial transformation and upgrade special-purpose fund project supporting plan released recently, the enterprise internet promotion projects declared by 19 units in Binhu District including East Technologies, NCE Power Semiconductor and Xinjie acquired support of 21.85 million yuan, with the number of projects and supporting money both ranking in the forefront of the whole city.

As one of core regions of the information industry in Wuxi, Binhu District has attached great importance to and proactively propelled steady development of the information industry, and vigorously driven traditional industries to implement informatization transformation and upgrade at the same time. With extensive coverage and covering multiple fields, enterprises and projects winning support this time contained not only high-grade, precise and advanced information systems and products, but also workshops and production lines featured as comprehensive digitalization and intellectualization, all showing extraordinary strength in technological level, project significance, market prospect and other aspects. Reportedly, among those supported projects, 7 projects in key core technology breakthrough and industrialization of the software industry obtained approved funds of 7.05 million yuan, of which the number of approved projects and that of fund both occupied over half of the whole city; and the large and medium-sized enterprises internet promotion projects declared by 4 enterprises above designated size also got supporting fund of 5 million in total by 100% passing rate.


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