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5 environmental protection enterprises in Yixing obtain provincial financial support
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A few days ago, the 2016 Jiangsu scientific and technological achievement transformation special fund provincial-local joint invitation to tender project finished tender procedures. 5 environmental protection enterprises in Yixing including Xinqi Environmental Protection succeeded in winning the bidding of the new-type environmental protection technology and equipment research and development and industrialization project. These 5 enterprises are hopeful to have provincial financial support of RMB 20 million in total.

In 2016, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology adopted the way of joint invitation to tender and intensively supported 11 kinds of scientific and technological achievement transformations in high-end links and key nodes in the strategic emerging industry to promote agglomeration development and high-end rising of industry. This time, about 20 environmental protection enterprises in Yixing took part in competitive tender of related projects, and finally 5 ones won the bidding successfully.


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