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Forum of foreign-invested enterprise representatives held
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On August 2nd, Wuxi held the forum of key foreign-invested enterprise in the whole city. Representatives of 19 foreign-invested enterprises and principals of related government sectors directly pointed out difficulties in production and management at present face to face and frankly expressed appeals of enterprises. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, attended the forum and required relevant departments to solve problems in time.

It was learnt that in the 1st half of 2016, Wuxi accomplished in-place registered foreign capital of USD 1.794 billion, yearly increasing by 3.73%; and had 20 great foreign investment projects with newly-approved agreed registered foreign capital exceeding USD 30 million, yearly increasing by 5, succeeding in finishing the target of double over 50%. Foreign-invested enterprises in the whole city continue to give play to important functions in aspects including making economic gross in Wuxi, increasing revenue and employment and foreign trade imports and exports.

Wang Jinjian pointed out that Wuxi will further increase foreign company service and guarantee benign development of foreign-invested enterprises with all strength. In 2016, Wuxi issued a series of preferential policies to decrease costs for substantial economy enterprises. Government sectors at all levels shall further increase support vigor to enterprises, continue to streamline administration and institute decentralization, optimize procedures of examination, approval and record, simplify administrative licensing links, feasibly enhance administrative efficiency; and the Wuxi foreign investment service center shall give play to its functions as link, window and lubricant simultaneously, and conduct government-enterprise interaction to jointly construct the investment and development environment with more competitiveness.


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