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2016 Chinese cuisine internationalization (Huaxi) forum organized in Jiangyin
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The 2016 Chinese Cuisine Internationalization (Huaxi) Forum was organized in Jiangyin from August 26 to August 30. Organizations of the Chinese cuisine industry from over 20 countries and regions took part in the forum, and jointly deliberated the topic of Chinese cuisine walking out and exploring its internationalization way.
At the forum, members from the America Chinese Cuisine Federation, the France International Cuisine Association, the Japan Association of Chinese Cuisine and other organizations conducted discussion on overseas development of Chinese cuisine. The China Cuisine Association released the Report on Internationalization Development of Chinese Cuisine in 2016, awarded the title of Demonstration City in Internationalization Popularization of Chinese Cuisine to the Jiangyin Municipal People's Government, issued the medal of Special Award of Merit in International Promotion of Chinese Cuisine to the Jiangyin Cuisine Association, and commended 8 model enterprises in internationalization development of Chinese cuisine in 2015. During the 5-day activity, an overseas Chinese cuisine celebrity chef training class was especially organized, where Chinese cuisine chef gave lesson personally, made dishes on the spot and explained the newest innovation achievements and practical experience of Chinese cuisine.


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