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Notice on Printing and Districting Implementation Views on Constructing National E-Commerce Demonstration City in Wuxi Issued by the Wuxi Municipal People's Government
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Oct. 15, 2013

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Oct. 18, 2013

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No. 168, 2013, the Wuxi Municipal People's Government

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The Wuxi Municipal People's Government

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The Implementation Views on Constructing National E-Commerce Demonstration City in Wuxi has been agreed by the Wuxi Municipal People's Government. It is printed and distributed now, and please earnestly implement it.


Document of the Wuxi Municipal People's Government


No. 168, 2013, the Wuxi Municipal People's Government


Notice on Printing and Districting Implementation Views on Constructing National E-Commerce Demonstration City in Wuxi Issued by the Wuxi Municipal People's Government


People's governments of all cities (counties) and districts, and all committees, offices, bureaus and subordinate units in Wuxi,


The Implementation Views on Constructing National E-Commerce Demonstration City in Wuxi has been agreed by the Wuxi Municipal People's Government. It is printed and distributed now, and please earnestly implement it.


The Wuxi Municipal People's Government


October 15, 2013


Implementation Views on Constructing National E-Commerce Demonstration City in Wuxi


For the purposes of actively constructing national e-commerce demonstration city, accelerating optimization and upgrade of industrial structure and further driving widespread application within all fields of the whole city, in accordance with the Notice on Relevant Issues about Launching the Second Batch of National E-Commerce Demonstration City Construction (No. 1772, 2013, the High-Tech Industry Division of the National Development and Reform Commission) issued by 8 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, and in combination with actual situation in Wuxi, the following implementation views are hereby formulated.


I. Guiding Ideology


Take Scientific Outlook on Development as guidance, center on the target of taking the lead in realizing basic modernization, make use of IOT (Internet of Things), cloud computing and other advanced technologies, speed up propelling a variety of enterprises in the whole city to carry out e-commerce, and expand e-commerce operation main bodies. Optimize development environment, strengthen platform construction, conduct related local legislation work, spare no effort to solve prominent problems in e-commerce development, bring facilitation of e-commerce in national economy and social development into full play, better serve construction of Four-type Wuxi, and promote economy and society of the whole city to realize leapfrog development.


II. Basic Principles


(i) Strengthening guidance and highlighting features. Give full play to macro guidance and policy orientation roles of governments in planning, construction, management and other aspects, combine with features and advantages of Wuxi, actively construct different kinds of e-shops, and comprehensively promote industrial radiation and competitiveness.


(ii) Laying emphasis in breakthrough and promoting work in all areas by drawing upon experience gained on key points. Depend on the new generation of information technology to innovate e-commerce development model, and cultivate a batch of e-commerce demonstration parks (bases) and demonstration enterprises that possess distinct industrial characteristics, wide technology application and prominent radiation guidance. Encourage enterprises to be prior to carry and try, explore ways with pilot projects, popularize experience with demonstration, and promote e-commerce to realize all-dimensional permeation towards substantial economy.


(iii) Planning resources as a whole and cooperating to boost. Reinforce cooperation and coordination among departments, establish network switching and resources sharing mechanism, boost cooperation in logistics, authentication, standard, payment, supervision and other fields, and drive e-commerce regional market integration. Allow full play to initiative in governments, industries, enterprises and other fields, and boost e-commerce application according to market disciplines.


(iv) Encouraging innovation and reinforcing standardization. Establish technological innovation system with enterprises as main bodies and markets as orientation and enterprises-universities-research institutes combination, encourage to explore and practice new application, new model and new service of e-commerce, stick to encouraging integration and development and standardized management, and maintain normal order of e-commerce activities.


III. Working Targets


Actively seek major break-through fields and links, create e-commerce development characteristics and advantages of Wuxi, and provide powerful support for industrial transformation and upgrade in the whole city; innovate e-commerce models, and promote competitive and key industries of Wuxi to realize integrative development with e-commerce and form new economic growth points; vigorously cultivate e-commerce service industry, expand e-commerce operation main bodies, lay emphasis on compensating weak link in large-scale e-commerce platforms, and facilitate coordinated development of network economy and entity economy; speed up propulsion of cross-border trade e-commerce development, and establish cross-border trade e-commerce clearance service platform; and make great efforts to construct Wuxi into a national well-known e-commerce city and national e-commerce demonstration city whose resource allocation is reasonable; industrial agglomeration degree is high; e-commerce distribution is developed; and innovation ability is strong.


IV. Main Tasks


(i) Completing e-commerce policy environment. Actively complete relevant local laws and regulations about e-commerce, boost construction of systems in rights and interests protection of network consumers, network credit evaluation and other aspects. Research and introduce supportive policies promoting e-commerce development, and the urban area shall make overall arrangements about city-level e-commerce supportive funds and introduce corresponding management measures. According to standards and requirements concerning national e-commerce demonstration city construction, firmly grasp compilation of the Planning of E-commerce During 12th Five-Year Plan in Wuxi, and strengthen macro direction, promotion and support to e-commerce development by government departments. Establish and complete e-commerce statistical system in the whole city.


(ii) Perfecting e-commerce support system. Vigorously develop e-commerce with new generation of information technology as technology support, and take the lead in forming cross-industry e-commerce development new model characterized as interactive fusion of IOT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, big data, mobile internet and 4G technology in the whole country. Speed up application of sensor technology and information technology in e-commerce distribution links, and apply information technology to transform and promote transportation, storage, logistics, express delivery and other traditional industries in Wuxi. Propel planning and construction of a batch of e-commerce industrial parks including the Landscape E-commerce Industrial Park, Wuxi Software Park and the Xishan Information Service and Creative Industrial Park, and intensify their headquarters gathering, innovative incubation, talents training and other functions. Establish and perfect e-commerce credit system on the basis of social credit system in the whole city, accelerate formation of integrity sharing mechanism, and optimize credit environment of e-commerce.


(iii) Establishing e-commerce public service platforms. Explore to establish e-commerce public service platform system, and, through support and guidance, government purchase of services and other modes, encourage conditional industrial chambers of commerce, associations and markets to set up e-commerce platforms. Boost electronic port public platform construction, and realize electronization submission of foreign trade supervision data. Lay emphasis on propelling accelerated development of a batch of e-commerce applications including gain and oil subsidiary food and agricultural product e-commerce platform, e consumption business alliance, wireless Wuxi, meat and vegetable retrospect and citizen one-card. Strive to construct 1 to 2 industrial e-commerce platforms possessing certain regional influence and popularity nationwide in the whole city through 2 to 3 years’ effort.


(iv) Accelerating internet financial development. Enrich and innovate financial service of small and micro enterprises, and encourage banks to realize integrative development with e-commerce and other internet enterprises. Support relevant commercial banks to expand e-commerce sub-branch business, and develop guarantee-free and mortgage loan-free businesses based on e-commerce payment records. Encourage to make use of third-party payment, network small loan company, internet fund and other ways to provide loan financing support for small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises. Attach great importance to supporting third-party payment service agencies taking e-commerce payment as main business, and standardize development of online banking, online payment platform and other online payment resources.


(v) Deepening e-commerce popularization and application. Make use of electronic information, Gaote spinning, electric wire, new material and other state-level industrial bases and electromobile export base and other industrial agglomeration advantages, drive industrial enterprises to deeply carry out e-commerce application, elevate e-commerce overall application level of industrial chains, and speed up high-end process of manufacturing industry. Guide enterprises in traditional commerce and trade service industry to establish e-commerce websites, open Tmall and other kinds of online shopping malls, and realize organic integration of physical stores and online shops. Cultivate leading e-commerce enterprises, promote service level of e-commerce platforms possessing regional characteristics such as online trip of Wuxi goods, encourage e-commerce enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and drive related industries to realize in-depth transformation of e-commerce application.


(vi) Vigorously developing cross-border trade e-commerce. Grasp opportunities, actively promote upgrade and development of cross-border trade c-commerce, drive to export goods in ways of cross-border e-commerce (BtoC, BtoB and other means), and practically solve customs supervision, tax reimbursement, inspection, foreign exchange revenue and expenditure and statistics and other problems. Guide foreign trade enterprises and various small and medium-sized enterprises to make use of third-party e-commerce service platforms to expand domestic and foreign markets, carry out cross-border trade e-commerce, and cultivate cloud e-commerce and other local cross-border e-commerce leading enterprises. Innovate cross-border trade e-commerce supervision methods, rely on Sunan Shuofang International Airport to establish cross-border trade e-commerce service platform in Wuxi, perfect customs clearance, customs declaration, transportation and other procedures, and improve customs clearance management service level. Support all kinds of commercial banks to prove preferential interest rate financing services for cross-border trade e-commerce enterprises.


V. Organizational Guarantee


(i) Strengthening leadership and putting responsibilities into practice. Establish a municipal leading group for constructing national e-commerce demonstration city. The mayor shall be the leader; relevant deputy mayors shall be deputy leaders; and the Wuxi Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, the Wuxi Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Information and Radio, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Wuxi Municipal Agriculture Committee, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, News and Publication, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Tourism, the Financial Affairs Office under the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Wuxi Municipal Office, SAT, the Wuxi Local Taxation Bureau, the Wuxi Customs of People’s Republic of China, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, the Wuxi Postal Administration, People’s Bank of China Wuxi Downtown Sub-branch as well as people’s governments of all cities (counties) and districts shall be main member units, all of which will be in charge of organizational leadership, supervision and inspection together with coordination promotion of constructing national e-commerce demonstration city. An office subordinate to the leading group shall be established, where relevant deputy mayor shall be director of the office and be responsible for daily work, overall plan formulation, task decomposition, target assessment and responsibility investigation, thus intensifying government departments’ macro guidance, promotion and support to e-commerce development, and the Wuxi Municipal Commission of Development and Reform and the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce shall be main leading departments.


(ii) Scientifically guiding and increasing investment. According to basic principles of government guidance, market driving, enterprise and social investment, establish diversified, multi-channel and sustainable development investment and financing mechanisms, and fully arouse enthusiasm of enterprises and the society in carrying out e-commerce application. Actively give play to driving and guidance roles of governmental financial funds, and, from 2013 to 2017, on the basis of integrating existing special funds, city-level finance shall make overall arrangement of city-level e-commerce supporting funds of RMB 50 million for training e-commerce backbone enterprise, supporting e-commerce major application demonstration project construction and innovative development and promoting construction of e-commerce service platforms. Guide financial institutions to strengthen credit support, organization connection of banks and enterprises, and provide e-commerce enterprises in Wuxi with professional and preferential financial services. Guide enterprises, the society and other different funds to take part in development and construction of e-commerce, and encourage them to increase investment in e-commerce projects through relevant policy measures.


(iii) Making concerted efforts and forming resultant forces. In the light of working mechanism of unified leadership, department responsibility, planning and guidance, demonstration and driving and overall propulsion, give play to enthusiasms in sections, departments, enterprises, industry associations (chambers of commerce) and other aspects, formulate and complete specific working measures for speeding up e-commerce development, earnestly coordinate and resolve contradictions and problems in construction, create good environment for e-commerce development, and boost healthy, orderly, standard and rapid e-commerce development in Wuxi.


(iv) Conducting extensive publicity and creating atmosphere. Make the best of all kinds of media and modern channels of communication, carry out all-round, multi-perspective and large-scale publicity on goal and significance of striving to construct e-commerce demonstration city, popularize e-commerce application knowledge, and enhance participation of the whole society. Actively publicize city image, featured products, famous brands and e-commerce enterprises of Wuxi, and improve popularity and influence of Wuxi's products at home and abroad. Regularly carry out various e-commerce marketing activities, enhance publicity on demonstration parks (bases) and demonstration enterprises, and improve external popularity and market occupancy of enterprises and products of Wuxi. Introduce high-end talents in the aspects of publicity, planning and promotion as well as technology service enterprises, enhance network image design and publicity level of Wuxi's products, constantly expand demonstration effect through government guidance, form good social atmosphere, and facilitate healthy, orderly and fast e-commerce development.


Copied to: departments under the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, Office of the Standing Committee of the Wuxi Municipal People's Congress, Office of the Wuxi Municipal Committee under the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Office of the Wuxi Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, Wuxi Intermediate People's Court, Wuxi People's Procuratorate, Wuxi Military Subarea and mass organizations of Wuxi.


Office of the Wuxi Municipal People's Government


Printed and distributed on October 16, 2013  


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