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Inviting foreign non-economic and trade personnel to China 
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1. Application requirements


The Wuxi Party and government organs, enterprises, public institutions, and individuals invite foreigners to China.


2. Materials required


Two copies of the approval form of application for entry of foreigners (sealed) and one photocopy of passport of the invitee (see 5).


3. Handling procedures


1):learn identity of the invitee and confirm invitation reason, standing time in China, journey and expense burden; 2): fill in the approval form of application for entry of foreigners; 3): submit the approval form and other materials required to the foreign affairs window in Wuxi Administrative Examination and Approval Center.

Inviting foreign non-economic and trade personnel to China

Item type: administrative licensing

No.: js020000wb

Legal time limit: none

Acceptance term: conclude on the spot

Tel: 81009869

Supervisory Tel: 82833843

Responsible unit: the Wuxi Foreign Affairs Office

Address: No. 388 on Yunhe East Road

Step 1: the applicant shall provide two copies of the approval form of application for entry of foreigners (sealed) and one photocopy of passport of the invitee

Step 2: the applicant shall directly apply at the window

Step 3: the staff member shall accept and conclude eligible application on the spot or return incomplete or unqualified materials


4. Basis of design



Issuing unit

Document No.

Issuing date

The Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

No. 31 Presidential Decree of the 6th Party Central Committee

November 22, 1985



5. Form


Approval Form of Application for Entry of Foreigners








Unit and address of the invitee (both in Chinese and foreign language and including country and city name)

Full name of the invitee (in foreign language)




Passport No.




































Entry time

Duration of stay

Entry and exit times


Destination after entry

Visa-granting office






Reason for coming to China and expense burden:

Inviting unit


Responsible person




Opinion of the competent department of the inviting unit:

Opinion of the approval organ:



Notice: do not change original format or size of the form when filling in the form; and if not a few people are invited, the list can be attached pages with cross-page seal.










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