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With the 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT) approaching, Wuxi is welcoming the arrival of domestic and overseas guests with the best state. After the appearance of the cloud platform of WIOT on August 8, English version of the official website of WIOT was introduced on August 8, opening the door for the world to enter "IOT of Wuxi".

Reportedly, English official website of 2017 WIOT fully takes concerns of scholars who are interested in IOT and potential investees across the world into consideration with the report and writing ways totally different from Chinese contributions. After logging in the website, it can be seen that tones of English and Chinese versions are unified and coordinated, designed and arranged by international designer group to ensure that overseas masses are used to its format and contents.

"Micro-Video" is a main highlight of the English official website of 2017 WIOT. The video will select the practical application cases of fields of modern home furnishing, shopping and tourism as objects. Overseas people will be invited to serve as leading roles of the video to show specific functions and operational theories of products to masses in the form of interpreting while experiencing, aiming to show that the development trend of IOT technologies are close to life.

Relevant people introduced that English official website of WIOT would be fully popularized in virtue of the all-media platform China Daily, including "China Daily Website", "Local Channels of China Daily Website", "Overseas Social Communication Platform of China Daily", "Official Micro Blog of China Daily" and bilingual official WeChat account of China Daily. From now on, overseas users can log in http://en.wiotexpo.cn to browse the website.  


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