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Final of the Wuxi scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship competition
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On July 26, the Wuxi scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship competition paid attention to by the society opened. 24 projects of newly-established firm group and growth enterprise group started in advance. And the groups will continue competition on the morning of July 26.

Reportedly, since the launch of the contest on May 7, there have been more than 400 industrial enterprises in the Internet of things, Internet, new materials, new energy, electronic information, advanced manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals and other industries participating actively. Zhao Jianping, Deputy Director of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, said that the municipal science and technology and talent innovation and development conference was initially scheduled to be held in the middle of August, when new policies will be introduced to provide more accurate support to innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises at different stages.

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