Xinwu District
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Xinwu District, a municipal district of Wuxi, Jiangsu, is located in southeast of the downtown, has area of 2.1872 square kilometers and a permanent population of 340.7 thousand.


In October, 2015, the State Council replied to establish Xinwu District of Wuxi, put Hongshan Residential Street of Xishan District as well as Jiangxi Residential Street, Wangzhuang Residential Street, Shuofang Residential Street, Meicun Residential Street and Xin’an Residential Street of Binhu District in Wuxi under administration of Xinwu District, and took the administrative divisions of the 6 residential streets as that of Xinwu District. The Xinwu District People's Government would be stationed in No. 28, Hefeng Road, Xin’an Residential Street. Xinwu District and the Wuxi High and New Tech Industrial Development Zone would execute management system of unification of district and administration, and adopt operation mode of one set of group, two plates of administrative district and development zone. The district has 5 parks including the Wuxi National High and New Technology Development Zone, Wuxi Taihu International Science and Technology Park, Wuxi Airport Industrial Park, Wuxi Xingzhou Industrial Park and Wuxi Export Processing Zone as well as 6 residential streets including Hongshan Residential Street, Wangzhuang Residential Street, Jiangxi Residential Street, Shuofang Residential Street, Meicun Residential Street and Xin'an Residential Street under its command. On February 20, 2016, the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and the Wuxi Municipal People's Government held an establishment meeting of Xinwu District in Wuxi, indicating official establishment of Xinwu District. Feng Xiaochun, holds the posts of Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xinwu District, Director of the Xinwu District Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Xinwu District Committee and District Mayor of Xinwu District at present.


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