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Huaxi Group accelerates paces of “walking out”
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A few days ago, the stone processing plant of Helin Mining Industry Co., Ltd. Invested and registered by Huaxi Group in Mozambique opened officially. Reportedly, the stone processing plant has become the largest stone machining and trading market in southern part of Africa.


In 2014, Huaxi Group cooperated with Fujian private entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in stone mining, processing and international trade, registered Huaxi Helin Mining Industry Co., Ltd. in Jiangyin, and registered and established Helin Mining Industry Co., Ltd. in Mozambique. In just a few years, the mine area of Huaxi Group in Mozambique has reached hundreds of square kilometers, and the "black Mozambique" granite is exported to European and southeast Asian countries and regions including France, Italy, Belgium, Thailand and Japan.  


Secretary of the party committee of Huaxi Village Wu Xie’en said that the biggest inspiration to Huaxi Village of the “One Belt and One Road” proposed by China is to control both the international and domestic markets and walk on two legs. In the future, Huaxi Village will give full play to the advantages of brand, finance and talents, seek cooperation resources in the global scope and expand the international influence of "waling out".

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